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What is the Green New Deal?

In short, it's the best chance we have to save our planet from runaway, catastrophic global climate change.

It's a legislative plan to create guaranteed jobs with livable wages, affordable high-quality healthcare, access to debt-free higher education, overhauled transportation, and 100% renewable energy before it’s too late.

We Demand:

Jobs, Transportation, & Green Energy

Green New Deal Benefits

Make A Difference

Who are we?

GetTheGreenDeal Fund is dedicated to supporting the passage of House Resolution 109.

Our primary goal is to pass the Green New Deal by supporting this vital legislation from false attacks & misinformation from special interests & the GOP. We promise to help elect Democrats who are committed to bold, substantial green policy. We won’t let Donald Trump, Republicans and the Koch brothers do what they always do--use fear to steal momentum away from passing bold, progressive legislation.